Podcast Branding and design

Client: Investigative Reporters Anna Boiko-Weyrauch and Kyle Norris


Over coffee and a chat I discovered that Anna, an investigative reporter and freelance producer for NPR, had a passion project. The project involved finding solutions to the opioid epidemic, starting with stories here in Washington State. I felt a great deal of enthusiasm for Anna's project and told her that if she would like my help I would be happy to help her out. Within a couple of weeks I heard back and we started planning a website and logo to showcase the reporting.

Beginnings: Mood Board and Discussion

Selecting the format to drive design.

I placed two examples of the prototypes in the context of the podcasting store, and the client was convinced quickly that a "tattoo style" font wouldn't work well. We decided to move forward with a clear, simple sans-serif font.

Coming soon...Final image and website!