Client: PCC Community Markets


Sometimes organizations get stuck. In this case, for a number of years the wine and beer section of the PCC website and email templates were stale. The wine descriptions were mainly a collection of lengthly poetic descriptions. There was no reason for a customer to look into useful advice. However, the curator of the wine and beer department was talented at selecting a popular and high-quality selection.

The Problem

How to provide the customer a quick and useful guide to the quality wine and beer inventory? Also, the template needs to communicate efficiently for mobile-based browsing.

Design Snapshot


Informal questions via Facebook, group brainstorming, A/B tests in Salesforce ExactTarget email tool.


The old email design - lots of prose, little to no visual information. A wall of words for a product that is tasty, social, and delightful.

Key points

Tell a story

The informal questioning process revealed the importance of a few key points. Firstly, people want to know the story behind the booze - where it's from, the history of the vineyard, why they should care.

Provide sensory info

Most people want to know that they're getting delicious wine, and only need to broadly know details about how it tastes. A short set of 3-4 key word descriptors was frequently given as the extent of tasting notes.

Always list the price

The cost of a bottle of wine or 6-pack of beer is always a factor in the customer's decision-making process. Never bury the cost.


A section of the new wine & beer newsletter. A clear image is visible. The name, location of the company providing the beverage, price, and clever call to action all contribute to a more sleek and informative communication. The entire template is also mobile-friendly.