Client: PCC Community Markets


As part of a larger project to completely redesign the aging website design, my team decided to start with a popular community section - The Sound Consumer. As a team of two, I was the designer in charge of reorganizing the navigation, creating wireframes and overhauling the site information architecture. My colleague was the digital designer. We developed a fully functional and responsive prototype of PCC's website.

The Problem

I inherited the problem of maintaining a website that was actually 2 websites: a mobile site and a desktop site. This maintenance was time-consuming and it was impossible to update the look and feel without overhauling to a responsive website.

Design Snapshot


We decided to use a popular section of the website to make a fully-functional proof of concept. This section was composed mainly of long articles with consistent categories.

Wireframes and Mockups


Scope of Problem

This project was derailed in part by the use of an ancient content management system called Bricolage. I looked it up once during my first week of work and it was in use by less than 1% of the internet—and that was 4 years ago.

Loss of Management

While completing the second round of revisions on this project, the long-standing and admired director of marketing was abruptly no longer part of the team. Priorities shifted.

Lessons Learned

I took away a knowledge of the SASS preprocessor for CSS, a newfound love of wireframing and user experience design. I also spent many hours on UI with my coworker, Kathy.