Interactive Data Visualization


I spent over a year searching for my signature perfume. What if there was a way to strip away marketing and ranking to help others find the perfect scent...


Searching for the right fragrance should be fun and playful. How to make a decision on a sense like scent using visuals?


Novice perfume buyers as well as afficionados who have basic knowledge and want to explore more.

Perfume by Category.

Fragrances are often categorized by their "accord". An accord is a way to broadly describe the overall impression of a perfume's many components. Each circle is an accord, click to explore!


Our sense of smell is primal and important, but there is still a need to decipher our human ability for detecting and categorizing smell. The perfume industry creates thousands of new scents each year, but the ability to choose a scent often relies on means that appeal to our other senses (eyes, ears, words, music) to create something to seduce the customer.
Our goal was to provide an alternate approach to find an appealing scent. The resulting visualization shoes the relationship between best-selling perfumes based on their accord, and then breaks down their "notes" further for exploration by the end user.

Creating a Data Set

Criteria for Data

We needed a comprehensive set of perfume data, but based on the proprietary nature of the industry we decided to create our own. Our team decided to focus on scents that are popular and breaking down their elements.

Data Decisions

We took the top 20 best selling female-targeted perfumes from both and Each perfume was already ranked by popularity in regard to sales.

Perfume Details

We created a mashup of information on the "accords" and "notes" of each perfume. The data was hand-coded from a number of various openly browsable websites.

Group work

Design Process and Prototype

Five Design Sheets

We then used the Five Design Sheets (FDS) ideation method and sketched a number of possibilities for our visualization. We made sure to not focus on technical limitations.

Paper Prototype

After creating a series of experimental sketches, our group carried out a plan to make circles of notes and accords for perfumes.

Prototype Evaluation

We showed our paper protoype to 6 people, and asked each person to perform tasks. Most of our participants did not have significant obstacles finishing our tasks, but there was some initial confusion about terminology.

Tableau Data Research